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Victoria Press

Rivers of Life - ed. Richard Burns
Rook Country - Margaret Browne
Tantraveil - Alan Denman
Postcards from Devon - Kevin O'Keeffe
Selected Poems 1976-83 - Bill Lewis
Still Life with Pram - Shirley Bridges
Love on the Track - Colin Vaughan
Why Do I Hate My Neighbours? - Jim Dennis
Quirks & Comments - Mollie Richford
The End of the Boer War - Charles Thomson
Fire Engines Go Clip! Clop! - Terry Cordrey
The Retired Gardener - Jack Tompsett
Love Is a Holy Bitch - Steve Kütz
Tales from Urban Life - Miriam Carney
Kent Creative Writing Award - ed. Bill Lewis
On Being Approached by a Poor Old Man in a French Park - Maurice O'Sullivan
Trwyn Meditations - Jay Ramsay
Lunchtime Rhymes - Charles Thomson
Tajoa - Natasha Faiers and Jacqui Wells
Trumpington the Owl - Tim Kershaw
The Bolo Boys - Mac McIntosh
Welsh Rhubarb - Robin Mellor
Croc City - Brian Moses
Spiders on Toast - James Armstrong and Geraldine Aldridge
The Stuckists: The First Remodernist Art Group - ed. Katherine Evans

Victoria Press poemcards

Concrete Poem - Richard Burns
Gifts - John T. Wilson
Song - John Betmead
Simplicities - Vernon Scannell
Plymouth Ho - Harry Stamper
The Holy Horses - Sydney Carter
The Werewolf's Song - Bob Pegg
A Waking Dream - Thom Gunn
Reassurance Sponge - John Bye
Siberian Restaurant Cars - Yevgeni Vinokourov
Charnel - Anthony Rudolf
The Summer Girls - Margaret Browne

Cheapo Press

Cat Woman - Miriam Carney
Some of the Hits of - Charles Thomson
The Medway Poets - The Medway Poets
Poem for Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp and the Planet Earth - Bill Lewis
Itgo Kalazam! - Bill Lewis
Responses - Gloria Bousfield
The Caterer's Lot - Rosemary Rive
Growing Up - Rosemary Rive
The Cheapo Review no. 1 - various
The Cheapo Review no. 2 - various